door-1089560_1920At expert commercial locksmith Phoenix, we make it our primary business to design, install, maintain and repair locking systems for all our esteemed clients. As such, we possess the prerequisite know-how and experience to recommend and install the right security system that matches your distinct needs and preferences. Our unparalleled expertise will ensure that your business premises are totally secure at all times from any unauthorized entry attempts. Below are some of the critical services we are in an excellent position of providing to commercial establishments.

Master-keying services

Master keys are highly noted for their unmatched convenience. This is simply brought about by permitting locks to be operated by their own original keys and the master key as well. This master key can be conveniently used on all entry and exit points on your business premises. We can also, if required, design what are known as sub-master keys, which can be utilized on the doors of specific departments of your business organization.

Access control systems services

In essence, these happen to be keyless entry systems that can be operated by swipe cards, push buttons or even biometric security systems. All of which can efficiently control access to your premises at specific dates, time or any other parameters you might have in mind. Access control systems can assist you to keep track of the personnel who gain entry to your business premises, and the particular time they do so.

At the same time, our expert commercial locksmith Phoenix service can integrate CCTV camera and alarms to reinforce your access control system. When an identified employee, tries to gain entry into your facility, the alarms will be deactivated, and the cameras activated. Card entry systems can be operated by swiping the right cards through a reader, which verifies the information stored on them related to that particular employee.

Proximity access control systems, on the other hand, will automatically open the door whenever someone approaches it. Finally, biometric access control systems, will first scan the retina or fingerprints of the individual who wants to gain entry, and verify them with your database to either deny or grant entry.

Key control systems services

Another of our expert commercial locksmith Phoenix services is the designing and implementation of effective key control systems. These systems are programmed with patented restricted entry to any suspicious key blanks, which might be used on your premises locks. This goes a long way in offering optimal control on just what kinds of keys can open or shut your facility’s locking systems.

Generally speaking, if additional keys are required for any reason, they can only be obtained by authorized personnel. Such employees will have to obtain written authorization to access the keys they need. Alternatively, they will have to submit their security clearance cards or signatures, which will be verified before they get the keys.

All of these checks make sure that even if someone manages to duplicate any of your business’s keys, it won’t be able to work on your locks. As you can evidently see, our expert commercial locksmith Phoenix services can be just what you need to fully secure your business premises. So why not us a try today!