10 Ways to Secure Your Doors Against Burglars

How secure is your home? Are you confident that there won’t ever be a burglary in your home? Perhaps no one can ever be 100% sure. But it doesn’t mean that proofing your home from burglars is not a good idea or that it’s a waste of time.

It is said that every 15 seconds, there is a burglary committed. But by properly securing your doors from burglars, it will give peace that you properly protected your family. On that note, here are 20 ways that you can secure your doors against burglars.

  1. Upgrade Locks

10 Ways to Secure Your Doors Against BurglarsSome doors are easy enough to upgrade even for DIYers but if you are not confident or your door is a little complicated, get a locksmith or a carpenter to take care of it for you. By getting a professional to do it, then you can be sure it’s high quality standard and that it’s an effective security measure.

  1. Strengthen Your Glazed Doors

If your doors are glazed or semi-glazed, one way to make it more secure is by fitting it with decorative metal grilled. On the other hand, you can also put a security film on the glass’s back. When you buy a glazed door, it’s best to remember buying a laminated one so it holds together when shattered.

  1. Bolster Door Frame

So that burglars cannot force the door frame, you can make it more secure by bolting or screwing it to the walls. You can use special bars and hinges to make it sturdier and so there’s very little chance of it being forced off its hinges.

  1. Secondary Locks on Patio Doors

To further improve the security of your home, add secondary locks to your patio doors or back doors. Some good locks for the back doors include the mortise rack or security bolts and the surface-mounted press bolts.

  1. Put Light Sensors

Utilize lighting to keep the burglars away. You can put light sensors as no one burglar would want to be exposed during at act. Install the light sensors in higher area, the higher they are the larger the area that they can cover.

  1. Get Window Locks

It’s not just the doors that should have locks, even the windows too. Some burglars wouldn’t exactly use the door to get inside your house. With window locks, you can rest assured everything is secured.  

  1. Don’t Leave Keys in Sight

This seems obvious but make sure to look after your keys. Don’t just leave them wherever and definitely don’t keep on places that are obvious. Also don’t forget to keep your valuables safe and out of sight.

  1. Install Wireless Alarm System

If you don’t have alarm system, maybe it’s time to consider one. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted if someone comes into your home unauthorized.

  1. The Right Plants that Put Off Burglars

Do you like gardening? If you do, choosing the right plants in your home has a way of putting burglars off. Plants like Trellises are hard for a person to climb and you can consider putting them on your fences. There are many kinds of plants that you can use to keep burglars away.

  1. Get a Dog

If you have one yet, go get a dog now. They’re not only a man’s best friend they’re also good pets that will keep your home safe. If there is someone who enters your home uninvited or unauthorized, your dog is surely the first one to react.